The Dottie Story

Dottie for Running was founded in 2015 with the now infamous Butt Bow (TM) being the symbol of the business owner's promise to offer hand sewn quality that brings extra magic to your magical miles. 

In 2014, owner and designer Samantha began her running journey with the Disneyland Tinkerbell Half Marathon, which she ran in honor of her grandmother who was affectionately nicknamed "Dot." Samantha quickly found that running in a sparkly skirt helped her fly through the miles, and she her mum Janet began to develop designs for her to wear to the races.

The very first Butt Bow (TM) made its premiere at the 2015 edition of Wine and Dine on Samantha. There was an overwhelming response to her unique skirt, and thus Dottie for Running was born as a side project involving Samantha and Janet. 

Originally, we started with a single independent seamstress (Miss Lillie!) who helped make this little dream a reality. Now, the dream is bigger than anyone could ever have imagined, and we have a whole small team who hand sew each and every Dottie skirt with love and care! Don't worry, Miss Lillie is still an important part of that team! 

Very organically, a running community of like minded runners who love a bit of sparkle began to emerge. It was customer-turned-friend Aslin who first referenced her "Butt Bow (TM)" collection, and thus #TeamButtBow was born! Each and every day we are encouraged and overwhelmed by the passion and love shown throughout this community! 

Since beginning Dottie for Running, Samantha has married the handsome officer of her dreams and started a family. She is now a devoted boy mom and military spouse! Dottie is very much a family business, and could not have continued to exist without the hands-on devotion of Samantha's mum, Janet, who runs the shipping element of your completed skirts. Each one is packed with the greatest of care! Samantha's dad, John, does his best to keep Sam's scatterbrained books in order too! 

Thank YOU for being here - when you buy an original Dottie, you are buying into being a part of a family, and an important part of a community that makes dreams come true. 

Love and butt bows(TM)!